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Guided Imagery for Women with Breast Cancer

Healing during breast cancer treatment and after.

Custom Guided Imagery for You

A custom guided imagery session created just for you after a consultation.

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If you have come to this site you are most likely being challenged with some issue or have a family member or close friend that is in need of some type of counseling or assistance. Linda Goodwin, PhD is a licensed mental health counselor and nationally certified counselor with over twenty years of experience. She teaches counseling at the graduate level at the University of Florida, conducts professional workshops and has a private practice in which she uses guided imagery, creative activities and counseling to promote insight, psychological well-being and physical health.

Private Practice

Dr. Goodwin provides compassionate and confidential counseling services for women, young adults, couples and children. She uses cognitive therapy and solution focused therapy to help you recognize your strengths and assets while learning new ways to integrate these qualities into your daily life to solve your existing problems. Through a collaborative relationship, you will make positive and healthy changes that will impact your life in a beneficial manner. 

Guided Imagery for Breast Cancer

The struggle to retain a calm and positive outlook while dealing with treatments for breast cancer can be daunting.

I have been working with breast cancer patients since 1998 to help them through this struggle using guided imagery.  These experiences have shown me that guided imagery can improve well-being and help women as they heal. I found such positive responses, physically and mentally, that I consequently developed a research study at the University of Florida to document the process and outcomes. Based on the significant results from that study and the positive responses from the women that I have worked with I have developed and published my CD, Guided Imagery for Women with Breast Cancer.

Customized Guided Imagery

Anxious? Striving for a Goal? Stressed? Having Surgery? Struggling with a Health Issue? Discouraged? Stuck? Not sleeping well? Want more confidence? Seeking a higher SAT, GRE, LSAT or score on some test?

Just imagine relaxing in your favorite chair, closing your eyes, and listening to relaxing music and a comforting voice. Using your imagination you visit your favorite beach, mountain, forest – wherever you like -  and explore it with all of your senses. While you are in this relaxed state you develop coping skills or strategies to deal with your issues and you begin to look forward to your imagery sessions.

Dr. Goodwin has been creating customized guided imagery CD’s for over ten years. A personalized CD focuses on the specific issue(s) that you want to address and creates an atmosphere of trust and safety since you are an integral part of the process.